Congratulations to Dr Muriel Monteiro

Congratulations to Dr Muriel Monteiro who passed her VIVA on 18th March 2021!

New article published in Nucleic Acid Research


Non-perfectly matching small RNAs can induce stable and heritable epigenetic modifications and can be used as molecular markers to trace the origin and fate of silencing RNAs 

Yue Fei, Tünde Nyikó, Attila Molnar

New PhD application open


Producing broad spectrum antiviral therapeutics from cyanobacteria

Two PhD applications open


1. How do epigenetic modifications affect evolution in phytoplankton? 

(EASTBIO competition-funded PhD)

New PhD application open


Establishing Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as an industrial chassis for the production of high value biochemicals 

New article published in Current Opinion in Virology


Potential for gene editing in antiviral resistance

Douglas Pyott, Yue Fei, Attila Molnar